Change day-to-day experience
of using your smartphone

Easy to use
Easy to use

Just start the service on the background, and use voice control whenever you need it, even when device is locked

Do stuff while driving

Use your BT handset or headphones with microphone to do basic operations behind the wheel or other distracting environment


Customize your experience by adding your keywords instead of default ones for the basic operations

User interface


User interface

Reviews from Play Store

Karl Somstrom

Forget the rest, this is the best...

Tried all those Siri clones out there only to find out that most of them dont even recognise basic english. Works perfectly in the car even with screen lock on. Would recommend this app to anyone.

sathiyendra boopathi

Awesome App

This App is highly recommended for visually impaired people. However there are some bugs. 1.Media volume reduced automatically 2. Time announcement missed 3. Heavily draining battery charge. This app will be awesome if the bugs are fixed. Thanks to the developer.

vaibhav bahuguna

Wow recognition is so good

I love this app. Just wish that i could feed some more commands of my own. I am really enjoying this app features.

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